1. FLEXIBILITY: probably our strongest point. We can stretch from macro- to micromechanics without any difficulty or time waste, giving to our customer the best solutions at top speed.


2. CUSTOMER SERVICE: we do indeed start from the customer’s concept, although we do not merely ‘execute’. Our very first job is a meticulous analysis of the supplied technical specifications, in order to optimize the potential critical points. Moreover, we communicate constantly with the customer in order to formulate the best development possibilities, by evaluating the timing and while keeping under control the costs. Last but not least, should the customer not have a real drawing but only a simple concept from where to start, our technical department and our R&D will be glad to help and develop it, transforming therefore a simple idea in a concrete project.


3. QUALITY: the cutting-edge machinery is only the top of an iceberg that guarantees total quality. It is the expert eye of our highly-qualified operators that checks every single phase of the cycle, optimizing to the maximum every potentiality and managing all the critical points that may appear time after time.


4. LOCATION: grown right in the middle of the most developed biomedical district of Europe, 40 kms from us rises the Motor Valley and 50 kms ahead the Food Valley. It also thanks to this lucky geographical position that we have been able to develop our know-how in the fields of biomedical, racing and food packaging.

5. EXPERIENCE: born in 1973, our will of renovating ourselves is constantly supervised and companied by almost half a century of experience.


6. PASSION FOR INNOVATION: or, rather say, passion for research and innovation. Passion indeed, but also creativity and the will to give birth to projects and ideas more and more difficult, without fearing the difficulties or the obstacles. This is probably one of the points we are most proud of, and it links directly to the Flexibility and to the Customer Service we offer to our client.


7. PROBLEM-SOLVING: having chosen since the very beginning not to go for mass production, we have developed our capabilities in solving every kind of problem that may affect our customer, from the easiest to the most difficult one. By doing this, we literally get integrated into the manufacturing process of the client, by taking in charge all of its issues.


8. PUNCTUALITY: the respect of the deadlines, pertaining both to the delivery of quotations or to the ones of orders, means for us “respect for the customer”. Therefore, we guarantee punctuality, accuracy and respect of the working programs.