A brand new website for a brand new company.

We chose to launch our Italian web page during this symbolic date, that is, exactly three years after the day in which we all thought everything was finished. An emblematic date, which we want to see as a further drive towards a spirit or rebirth and renovation.

Along with our webagency AD99 we opted for a communication style that wants to be fresh, innovative and intuitive – something that could express in a few pages our own nature.
A big thanks to the guys of AD99 for their precious and creative work, and a big thank you also to Gabriele Alessandrini, the photographer who not only took the photographs, but also created the video. Having fun while creating something great is a must in our work… Why shouldn’t we have applied this also to the creation of our media kit?

The international webpage, that is, not only in Italian but also in English, will be delivered as soon as possible. We do hope that this new “network initiation” can set forth the beginning of a long and fruitful period.