28 Mar MecSpe, 26/28 March 2015

Also this year we took the chance and exhibit at the MecSpe in Parma, showing our skills in the Hall “Subfornitura”. We can state the exhibition as a real success: many visitors passed and stopped by, and the interests were oriented towards several, different fields. Here in the “News” section, you can find an article (embedding a video-interview) in which much of the booth is displayed. In the video, our R&D chief, Mr. Mauro Bonfatti, along with our International Sales & Marketing Manager, Ms. Paola Busoli, will explain to you the most important peculiarities of our company (nb: video and article in Italian only, sorry).

We want to thank all of the people that passed by in our booth, as well as those who will like to “virtually visit it” now, by taking a look at the above-mentioned video.

Many thanks,

B.B.G. srl