Precision Engineering in Continuous Evolution

Since 1973, we have specialized in the sector of Precision Engineering and in mounting pre-assembled groups. Here at B.B.G., we always offer accurate and prompt solutions for the management of the whole project, starting from the basic drawing of the customer (usually assisted by our technical office and our R&D), passing through the prototyping, the working and the assembly, up to the final check.


“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up stronger”: a new image, a new equipment – more technology, more power.

On May the 29th, 2012 we were struck hard by the second earthquake that devastated the region of Emilia Romagna. The damages to the structure, to the machinery and even to our people were massive, however this did not stop the strong will of the partners and of the employees to follow what has been for 40 years our main target: the excellence in creating avant-garde realities, by collaborating with specialized companies in complementary fields.


Two years after the earthquake, we returned to our original location with a brand new look, more modern and more captivating. The machinery and the staff have increased in terms of both quality and quantity, therefore developing new technologies and skills. An enlarged technical department and a new R&D support our customers in seeking the most strategic solutions.


Nowadays, we remain a solid and dynamic company on which the customer can totally rely during the management and the manufacturing of even the most complex and technologically advanced projects – all of this is guaranteed by a 100% Made in Italy manufacture which has been certified ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Italy since 1998.



Since 1973, we have always guaranteed reliability, professionalism and a wide range of solutions dedicated to several sectors: biomedical, packaging, pharmaceutical, surgical, micromechanical and robotics. During the last few years, we have reached particular flagships, as far afield as the optical and the jewelry branch.
Specialized both in serial products, both in complex prototyping (also thanks to the mastery of technologies such as the afore-mentioned rapid prototyping), we preferred not to transform into a company for mass production, but we preferred to focus on the supply of groups and assembled machines, as well as on the supply of technologically advanced and niche elements.


If, during almost half a century, we have followed a constant evolutionary project, it is now that we are getting ready for an innovative leap, pushing forward our experimentation and manufacturing, in order to reach wider and even more advanced fields.


“Think big, act small and always measure the results”

For instance, a particular focus has been developed for those applications close to the Racing, the Robotics and the Aeronautical, in which we experimented the processing of leagues such as CPM and Betatitanium. Furthermore, we have developed the chance to create prototypes with a DMLS process, that is, a direct metal laser sintering.

Last but not least, we are proud to present the creation of a new spin-off, called Officine Polimata: an eclectic and versatile engineering applied to the research on materials (carbon fiber, titanium, natural stones, precious metals) and designed to create high-end luxury products. Thanks to this new branch, it has been possible for us to start a collaboration with top-range brands, combining once again science and art following the antique concept of “polyhistor”.



The Company’s activity focuses on the development and creation of advanced technology and value, through the supply of high quality products and services. In this view, the Company requires its employees to observe the highest standards of honesty and fairness in the performance of their duties.
The Company adopts practices of equity and fairness in the management of the employment/business relationship, ensures the safety of workers, and promotes environmental awareness.

Here in B.B.G., all the scraps are recycled and recovered at 100%. They are monitored and kept well-split in separate coffers following these criteria:
The scrap removal and pick up happens monthly and is subcontracted to a company specialized in the recovery of residues.
Our brand new plant is classified under the energetic class “A”, and the photovoltaic system 42kpw is almost enough to guarantee a self-sufficient electrical supply. The two extractor fans (one for the smokes and one for the dusts) and the fans applied above every single machinery vouch for a safe and hygienic environment.