18 Feb BBG: Every request can be satisfied


B.B.G. is specialist in the field of precision engineering and mounting of pre-assembled groups. Research and innovation are the targets to which B.B.G. aimed since the very foundation, in 1973, getting distinguished for the historical reliability and for the customer service. Indeed, it offers a very wide range of solutions dedicated to several fields. B.B.G srl is the ideal partner for the client who needs dynamism and precision. Each in-house activity is systematically monitored using a methodological control and information system, which constantly updates the production capacity situation and consequently assures profitability.

The company’s technical department is able to manage projects commissioned by the customer and pertaining to any nature and field. More than 40 employees and a leading-edge equipment composed by 38 machines allow B.B.G. to effectively manage the customer requests with outstanding skills and flexibility. The company is equipped also with a broad assembly department, dedicated to the mounting of groups or machines used in the packaging or biomedical field. All of the phases of test and check are agreed and shared with the customer. B.B.G.’s Quality Check department not only performs final controls on each production element, but also starting and intermediate checks in order to keep monitored all the manufacturing phases. The metrology room is fitted with modern instruments, such as ZEISS PRISMO co-ordinate measuring machines, and can check dimensions down to extremely precise tolerances. Since 1998, B.B.G.’s production process is certified by the ISO 9001:2008 (TUV) Quality System.